MALWI MARINE is worldwide recognized as the most reliable supplier from India and Dubai for Recondition and Second-hand Ship Machinery and Engine Parts since 1993.

About Malwi Marine

  • STOCK: Extremely huge stock of engine parts and ship machinery in INDIA & DUBAI.
  • MARINE WORKSHOP: Most reputed and experienced near Alang ship breaking yards in
           India, workshop is approved by class for various inspections and testing.
  • REPRESENTATION: of OEM and manufacturers from Japan, Europe and Korea for U.A.E.
Scope of Supply:
  • ENGINE PARTS: Main components such as Crankshaft, Block, Bedplate, Cylinder Cover,
           Connecting Rod, Liner, Piston, Fuel Pump, Valve Spindle, Seat, Aux. Pumps etc.
  • SHIP MACHINERY: Air Compressor, Purifier, Hydraulics, Ref. Compressor, Pump,
           Turbocharger, Governor, Fresh Water Generator, Heat Exchanger and many more.
  • NAVIGATION & AUTOMATION: can be supplied in collaboration with our expert colleague
           in this field.
Technical Capabilities:
  • CLASS INSPECTION: Certified Engineers, Instruments and Process, to fulfil norms of any
           in-house Class Inspection.
  • ALL KIND OF N.D. TEST: In-house excellent testing facilities by ASNT Level II approved
  • RECONDITIONING / REFURBISHING: Expertise for various engine parts and ship



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Quality improvement and implementation for perfection has always kept us ahead of our competitors. All our efforts have been focused in supplying spares with professionalism, reliability and competitiveness.

Today our supplied parts are well performing in the fleets functioning in every corner of the world, as a result of our promise to deliver the best and achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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